donald duck

fuck you sideways you fuck you duck crazy shit man yeah!

The initial idea behind buying this domain name - or better said: the initial enthusiasm - can not be retrieved in my mind any more.

It is a weird state of "let's kick some ass!" which lasts only for few seconds but is enough for me to pay some money for a domain name and email my administrator to install it on the server.

Now, after the fun is gone, I am stuck with a weird obligation to make something of it and it seems like one of the most challenging tasks in my life.

It is no different than having drunk sex with an ugly stupid chronically depressed girl and making her pregnant and actually deciding to have the kid and than ending up with retarded Siamese twins that, unfortunately for me, do survive.

However it is exactly this kind of situations that build the character, that make me feel that I have grown up and am ready to face that cruel world out there. I feel like I can put my fingers together in a little fist and fight off all the evil and protect my genetically fucked up family against all the conspiracies of the dark Lord.

It is how all of us grow - we do something because we think it is cool and actually it is not cool. Those of us who are pussies will hide and cry about it but those of us who are men will fight for it and make everybody else believe it is cool.

What is "cool" anyway, but a fight for power between thousands of hungry mice than only have one little piece of cheese to share.

"Cool" is an eternal struggle but not between an easy division of good and evil, but between everybody and about everything. Those who own the "cool" are at the top!